Complaints Procedure

  1. The tour operator is responsible for the proper provision of the tour and is obliged to assist the customer in case of difficulties.
  2. A tour is defective if any of the tourism services included in the tour are not provided in accordance with the tour contract.
  3. In the course of using the services, the customer is obliged to point out the defect and to file a complaint without undue delay with the organizer of the service, i.e. with the guide or delegate, if the tour operator has one, or another responsible person so that the defective condition can be urgently rectified, the service supplemented or provided again. The Customer shall also set a reasonable time limit for the removal of the defect, unless the CK refuses to remove the defect or immediate remedy is required.
  4. The customer undertakes to draw up a complaint report with person representing the CK. The report will state when the customer submitted the complaint, what its content is and what method of handling the complaint the customer requires. The log must be dated, if evidence is given by the customer, it shall be noted in the log. The protocol shall be signed by the person drawing up the protocol on behalf of the CK and the customer, who by signing the protocol agrees with its content. The CK is obliged to issue the customer with a confirmation of the date and method of handling the claim, confirmation of the method of remedying the claimed service defect, including the duration of the claim, and in the event that the claim is rejected, also justify this rejection in writing.
  5. The travel agency is obliged to accept the claim at any of its offices or headquarters, and if the travel contract was concluded through a sales representative, the customer has the right to file a claim with him.
  6. The CK will remedy the defect of the tour, unless this is not possible or the remedy of the defect requires disproportionate costs with regard to the extent of the defect and the value of the travel services concerned. If the CK does not remove the defect within the specified period, the customer has the right to remove the defect himself and claim compensation for the necessary costs. In the event of a material defect, the customer may withdraw from the tour contract without payment of a cancellation fee.
  7. In the event of material defects in the tour after departure, the CK shall offer the customer, at no additional cost to the customer, a suitable alternative solution, preferably of the same or higher quality than that agreed in the tour contract, so that the tour can continue; this also applies in cases where the customer’s return to the place of departure is made by means other than those agreed. If the proposed alternative solution is of a lower quality than that specified in the tour contract, the CK will provide the customer with a reasonable discount. The customer may only reject the proposed alternative solution if it is not comparable to what was agreed in the travel contract or if the discount given is not reasonable. In this situation, if the tour includes transportation, the tour operator is obliged to provide the customer with equivalent transportation to the place of departure or to another place agreed upon by the parties without undue delay and without additional cost to the customer.
  8. If, due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, it is not possible to ensure the customer’s return in accordance with the travel contract, the travel agency shall bear the cost of the necessary accommodation, preferably in an equivalent category, for a maximum of three nights per customer. A travel agent may not rely on unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances if such circumstances cannot be relied on by the carrier concerned under applicable Union law.
  9. If the tour has a defect and if the customer has pointed it out without undue delay, the customer is entitled to a price reduction in an amount proportionate to the extent and duration of the defect. If the customer requests a discount, he/she should submit his/her request to the tour operator or intermediary without undue delay after the end of the tour. The limitation period for the customer’s right to a discount is two years.